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Dry Needling

Why Is Dry Needling Not Acupuncture?

A common question posed by patients is why Dry Needling is not acupuncture? MFTrPDN requires a physical examination, diagnosis, location of anatomic points based on western understanding of anatomy, neurology and physiology. It does not use theories of meridians, energy, pulse points or tongue characteristics to make a determination of why or where to place a needle. Acupuncture is a separate system of healing with its own ancient laws and philosophy. The tool is the only common element. This needle is used because it happens to be the best tool to use at this time. If a better tool comes along then it will supplant the traditional acupuncture needle.

The needle itself acts to physically disrupt the tension and pressure within the involved tissue. It unlocks the tissue, thereby encouraging said tissue to return to a more normal and improved level of function.

Benefits Of Dry Needling

  1. Is both diagnostic and therapeutic.
  2. Brings about resolution of symptoms more rapidly and potentiates the effect of the synovial joint manipulation/mobilization.
  3. Per treatment cost is minimal and cost to benefit ratio is very high.
  4. Wide application throughout the body.
  5. Does not interfere with most patients' drug regimens or interfere with implanted devices such as pacemakers.
  6. There is no contraindication to the number of sites or frequency of treatment.
  7. Can be safely used with patients, who are very osteoporotic, have compression fractures, and who have cancer.

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